Core Business

Our businesses includes Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Arbitrage Algorithms and Blockchain Related Investments key areas which provide a strong revenue stream and help drive corporate growth and expansion.

Big Data

Today, big data is big business. The global market for data collection and analytics is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and growing. Nonagon Technologies is well positioned to capitalize on the growth of this market by providing a full suite of data management services. The services which we provide range from the gathering of data to data management, data storage and in-depth data analytics which encompasses predictive analytics, market behaviour analytics etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is future of the financial world where it can be widely applied to various fields within the financial industry. These can range from trading, arbitrage trading to market analysis and predictions. As such, we maintain cutting edge research and development capabilities in the field of Artificial Intelligence,
fully utilizing and integrating them into our analytics software and arbitrage algorithm

Arbitrage Algorithms

Our arbitrage algorithm first debuted in 2016 after undergoing comprehensive testing in "live" environments. The ability to successfully integrate Artificial Intelligence into the algorithm has allowed it to achieve an accuracy rate of up to 95%. Our proprietary arbitrage algorithm has been well-received by the firms in the financial sector ever since its market launch. Our algorithm utilizes High Frequency arbitrage techniques and has the capability to : Gather prices on various exchange platforms, Carry out complex calculations and come up with the most ideal arbitrage trade pairing, Autonomously carry out transactions, Utilizing bots to carry out transactions, Execute transactions within 0.06 seconds.

Blockchain Related Investments

Blockchain technology have almost limitless potential and have the ability to help reshape industries in domains as diverse as finance, healthcare, government and manufacturing. We believe that Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will continue to evolve and be used in more innovative ways.
To us, we believe that blockchain and cryptocurrencies represent innovative financial technology at its finest and it presents bold opportunities for investment. As such, we seek to capitalize on this potential growth engine by investing extensively in the field of cryptocurrencies with a firm view on proper investment and risk diversification.