About Us

Established in 2013 and headquartered in Seychelles, we are a global technology-focused investment firm that pursues the most promising companies and ideas in AI, Fintech and Blockchain. We work hard, but humbly, and are guided by data-driven processes. We seek out extraordinary businesses and leaders who operate the same way. We aims to connect every the blockchain industry by active partnership, building a robust ecosystem, and accelerate the development of the blockchain industry. We had invested in nearly 50 enterprises and start-ups and our portfolio encompassed projects from every corner of the blockchain ecosystem such as exchange, media, digital asset transactions, crypto asset wallet, technology development and application, block chain data mining and analysis.


•Automatic execution of transactions based on pre-set parameters
•AI embedded
•Greatly minimizes the risk of time-lag
•Totally Rational (as opposed to emotion-based trading)
•24/7 automated trading
•Able to Manage multiple transactions/orders

Business philosophy

Maintaining our Competitive Advantage:

We maintain our competitive advantage by utilizing technology and applying specialized skill-sets in our businesses

Remaining Relevant:

we keep up in pace with the latest market trends and developments

Stability & Prudence :

we safeguard investor capital and ensure stable investment returns through consistent and prudent management